Principal Investigator: Prof. dr. Christian Lange, pursued individual research project, ‘A cultural history of the Muslim paradise and hell’
Contact: Dept. of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Janskerkhof 13, 3512BL Utrecht. Tel:0302531978 E-mail:C.R.Lange[at]

Research Fellow: Dr. Simon O’Meara, pursuing individual research project, ‘The Kaaba and the city’

E-mail: so20[at]

Doctoral Researcher: Dr. Pieter Coppens, pursued individual research project, ‘A conceptual history of dunya and akhira in mystical commentaries on the Qur’an’

E-mail: coppens.pieter[at]

Doctoral Researcher: Mr. Eric van Lit, who has now completed his individual research project on eschatology and the world of image in Suhrawardī and his commentators.

E-mail: eric.van.lit[at]

Doctoral Researcher: Dr. Yunus Yaldiz, pursuing individual research project, ‘Eschatology in Islamic asceticism (zuhd)’

E-mail: yaldiz.yunus[at]